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Viewcollegesnow provides you with a comprehensive guide toward understanding college and the application process. Avoid second-hand or incorrect information that can cause stress, confusion or disappointment. Scroll below to the Common Myths section to see some examples. Don’t get left behind! Plan for your future now by viewing colleges now!

finding the right school

Our aim is to help you find the right school for you. Too often students don’t start planning for college until their Junior year in High School.

planning for your future

Planning for your future and selecting a school will be thrilling, nerve-wracking, exciting and stressful!

step-by-step college guide

Some of you will come into this process with your mind half made up, but after you have gone through the step-by-step guide, you will really begin to explore your future. Our advice and school galleries can help with that exploration!


provides you with a step-by-step guide toward choosing the right school for you.

Included are pictures of over 100 major colleges and universities from around the country and the list continues to grow! The pictures for every school provide a genuine description of the school upon visiting there. Given the difficulty of visiting many schools (due to finances, location, etc.) and the fact that most colleges put up only a handful of pictures of their school, our goal is to provide you with an honest VIEW of the school. You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


There are a lot of common myths out there that can make selecting the college experience difficult, confusing and frustrating.

I call it the “heard” mentality. “I heard that I have to do this.” “I heard you are supposed to do that.” Here are some common myths to be aware of and avoid:

The Name Game

Once upon a time, the name of the university that you attended was very important. It could guarantee you a great job with a great professional future. Those days are over. Times have changed, as has our society. It is no longer about where you got your degree from, but more importantly that you have a degree.  Read More

The Magic Formula

Don’t believe it when some publication or some person tells you that they know how to get into a specific university. There is no magic formula. If there was, someone would have discovered it and written a book about it and become a billionaire. Trust me, I know I would have.  Read More

You Have to Know

A lot of students will put pressure on their peers for them to know what they will major in in college. Choosing a major is a whole experience that I get into on the Your List page. The simple truth is that a) you don’t have to know right away what you want to major in and b) many people change their major.  Read More

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